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Lubrication Equipment

For decades Balcrank has been the top choice of hose reels and cable reels for the Auto Industry because of the quality of their construction and components. Every Balcrank hose reel is individually designed and built to meet the specific requirements of the Auto industry so you can expect unrivaled fit and function. Balcrank offers a reel to fit the application whether you need a low, medium or high-pressure rating, for grease, oil or DEF Fluid.

Check Valves and Accessories

Bray/Rite, headquartered in Quebec, Canada and founded in 1963, designs and manufactures exceptional Check Rite check valves, cam and groove quick couplings, and fluid handling loading and unloading equipment. For over 40 years, Bray/Rite has earned a reputation for reliability. This reputation is based on our highest quality manufacturing standards, premium components and thorough control procedures. With a worldwide sales and distribution network, we offer our customers full support wherever the project location.


Cim-Tek® Filtration leads the field in developing state-of-the-art filters for the petroleum, industrial, agricultural, heavy duty, and biofuel markets. After working in these industries for 50 plus years, we have gained an unparalleled breadth of expertise with fluid filtration applications.  We continue to manufacture water detection/removal medias while constantly striving for better filtration efficiencies.

Tank Truck Equipment

Civacon specializes in products and systems to safely load, monitor and unload petroleum, dry bulk and petro chemical cargo tanks, for the road and rail industries. We are a global leader in providing Bottom Loading, Vapor Recovery and Overfill Detection Systems for the petroleum industry.

Fuel Control Systems

Computrol has its origins in security and fuel. Started in 1981, we are one of the oldest North American companies in our industry and have survived and thrived because we do what our customers require.

34 years later, those roots have resulted in thousands of Computrol systems throughout Canada, plus more in North America and as far away as Africa and the Middle East. We believe that’s because of our decades’ long history of product quality, incessant support, and a partner network of distributors, dealers, and installers close to our end users.

Fuel Hose

CONTI TECH, Our leading fuel hose line plays a critical role in consistently getting your vehicle (or vessel) from A to B. Pick the quality fuel hose you need and it will meet any challenge – head on.

Tank Truck Equipment

EMCO WHEATON: From Marine Loading Arms used to safely and efficiently transfer hazardous liquids and gases from ship to shore, Distribution Loading Arms, DRY-BREAK® couplers, adaptors, petroleum road tanker equipment, a range of refuelling systems used to refuel fleets of buses and our market-leading TODO range of couplers, adaptors and break-away couplings, we are proud of our wide-ranging product offering and continue to meet and exceed the growing demands of the global transportation, oil, gas and chemical industries we serve.

Fluid Control

FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions sets the standard for global Best Measurement Practices by designing, manufacturing and servicing the precision products and systems used to measure and control liquids and gases in industrial applications. The Smith Meter® brand is known worldwide for its ability to produce reliable, accurate and consistent measurement results. Similarly, our Sening® brand tank truck components and systems are trusted to provide safety and environmental protection while ensuring accurate measurement during the transport and transfer of liquid products.

Pumps and Accessories

The GPI® brand is Great Plains Industries’ core offering of fuel transfer products, meeting and exceeding the needs of large-scale business operations and hobbyists alike. The GPI® product line includes both AC and DC fuel transfer pumps, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) products, hand pumps, fuel meters and a variety of specialty pumps. Our products can be found in a variety of applications from Agriculture to Construction, Aviation, Energy, Chemical and even Powersports.

Valves and Strainers

IFC Controls: Islip Flow Controls is an industry leading manufacturer of Pipeline Strainers, Valves, and Accessories. We pride ourselves on exacting professional performance that delivers a quick response and exceptional service. Customers benefit from working with our intelligent team who have the experience and expertise to create workable solutions tailored to you and your business, project by project.


Nithwood Fuel Tanks are built to offer the ultimate combination of features, quality and value.

  • VALUE: Feature for feature, spec for spec, Nithwood fuel tanks offer some of the best value in the industry
  • FINISH: We finish each tanks with a premium powder-coated paint, with zinc-plating in critical rust areas.
  • IN-STOCK: We stock a large selection of tanks for immediate order delivery. Call today to see if your tank is in stock!
  • DELIVERY: Our dealer and delivery network can arrange for optimal, quick delivery.
    We ship 2000+ each year!

Lubrication Equipment

OMPI Fluid handling is a factor of primary importance which requires specific expertise and purpose-designed professional instruments.For many years now, Ompi has specialized in making equipment for the extraction, distribution, mixing and metering of lubricating and non-lubricating fluids; from oil to grease, from diesel fuel to water, right up to compressed air.

Canopy and Yard Lighting

X-Tron Lights a Canadian manufacturer of rugged, high quality lighting

Meters, Computers & Printers

PMP Corporation: Over sixty five years later, our business has grown to include environmental monitoring products, printers, food service equipment, cash drawers, displays, touchscreens, meters, valves, computers, and many other products available through distributors worldwide.

Both our manufacturing and remanufacturing processes follow documented procedures to ensure each product meets exact specifications. We do not just fix or repair products. Our goal is to reduce “call backs” and increase the life of our products, thus achieving our mission.

Service Stations and Many Others

OPW is a global leader in fluid handling, management, monitoring and control solutions for the safe and efficient handling of fluids from the refinery to the commercial and retail points of consumption, including loading systems, rail and transport tank truck equipment, tank gauging, fuel management systems, valves, fittings, underground and above ground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping, commercial and retail fueling dispensers and electronic POS systems, swivels, breakaways, and nozzles for virtually all fuel types, including LPG, Hydrogen and CNG.

Tank Gauge

OPW Electronic Systems is comprised of OPW Fuel Management Systems and PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems.

OPW Fuel Management Systems (FMS) designs and manufactures automated Petro Vend Fuel Control systems to eliminate manual tracking of fuel, increase fuel tracking accuracy and accountability, and reduce fuel theft in private, proprietary, and fleet fueling applications. OPW FMS also offers innovative tank gauge systems for retail and commercial applications so operators can have visibility of fuel assets at any time, from any where.

PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems is a global leader in vehicle wash systems, including the industry-leading touch-free LaserWash® system and the innovative friction ProTouch® friction wash system. PDQ also manufactures customer management and point of sale systems such as the PDQ Access®.

CNG Equipment

OPW CleanEnergy Fueling Products is Leading the Way in fueling the future, offering the world’s most complete line of CNG (compressed natural gas), Hydrogen and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) fueling products, including: Autogas Nozzles, Breakaways, Shear Valves, Adaptors and Hose Assemblies.

Bulk Plant Equipment

Throughout the world, OPW Engineered Systems has been a global leader in developing loading and coupling systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of all types of critical hazardous fluids. Our system designs meet a wide range of needs from the modest demands of drum-filling applications to the high-volume loading and unloading requirements of major chemical and petroleum facilities. OPW Engineered Systems is the brand you can trust for reliability, safety, service and support.

Tank Truck Civacon

Throughout the world Civacon and Knappco equipment is hard at work safeguarding against costly petroleum and chemical spills, tank overfills and fugitive vapor emissions. From the terminal loading rack to outfitting a fleet of tankers or railcars, Civacon systems set the standard for real-world performance in the most rigorous and demanding applications. For the safe, profitable handling of hazardous liquids and dry-bulk commodities, trust Civacon and Knappco.

Dipping Paste

Since 1915, Gasoila has been the brand professionals trust.

Gasoila products are, quite simply, solutions that work in the petroleum, plumbing, LP Gas, HVAC, automotive and general industrial markets.

Submersible Pumps

FE Petro™ brand submersible pumping systems set the standard for performance, efficiency and safety by which all other systems are measured. With a history of excellence, FE Petro™ maintains a unique set of system features that sets it apart as the industry’s fuel pumping leader.

Fuel Monitoring & Control

Progressive International Electronics is known throughout the worldwide petroleum industry as a leading manufacturer of consoles, controllers, and other communication equipment. Born of an existing manufacturing company, Progressive was founded in 1988 in Raleigh, NC, with Ted Warn as President. We have since moved to our new building on the outskirts of Raleigh, and Ted maintains his position as President and Chief Operating Officer.

Flame & Vapor Control Equipment

As an engineering solutions company, Protectoseal is the industry leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive safety products. Constantly evaluating the needs of industry, we strive to improve our products and services, such as our recently enhanced PRO-FLOW® Sizing & Selection Software. Our goal is to continue offering the broadest range of products with global customer service and sales support. The company’s dedication to innovation continues since our founding in 1925.

Hose Reels

Reelcraft manufactures over twenty five hundred models of hose, cord and cable reels, as diverse as heavy duty hose reels used in the light, medium, and heavy industry, automotive service and a wide variety of OEM applications. These models include spring retractable, motor driven and hand crank reels, handling hose lengths up to six hundred feet and ranging from ¼ inch to 4 inches in diameter and beyond. The spring retractable models are widely used in industrial applications to improve efficiency and safety by keeping hoses and cables off the floor as well as maintenance areas to provide air or power when and where it is needed.

Fleet Solutions

RHINO FUEL Current Product Offerings

  • On-Road Diesel
  • Off-Road Diesel
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Unleaded

Absorbents & Containment

SpillKleen offers many product lines which include absorbents, booms, pools, containment trays, leak diverters, funnels, spill kits, safety cans, steel containment and many other products.


TECALEMIT Inc. is an industrial equipment manufacturer and an industry leader with a great technology soul. We love to tinker with new ideas and concepts, making the best fluid transfer systems, automated inventory management systems, DEF pumps and dispensers, flow meters, and DEF-PRO All In One mini bulk tank systems, just to name a few. Powered by an ever evolving business model, proprietary technology, and a unique passionate team

Service Station Equipment


At Universal Valve Company, Inc., quality is an integral part of every product and service we produce. It’s been that way since we began in 1932.

You see it in every one of our products for the petroleum dispensing industry, such as service station valves and fittings, manholes, environmental products, and above ground tank fittings.

You see it in the ways we have adapted state-of-the-art information technology to provide you with new value added services.

Fueling Systems

Wayne Fueling Systems, a global fuel dispenser manufacturer for retail and fleet applications, Wayne is leading the way with technological advances on multiple fronts, from eco-fuel solutions and regulation-compliant pay-at-the-pump security to multimedia marketing and groundbreaking site control systems. Wayne has come a long way since the first oil pump in 1891, and we continue to focus on a future of ever-expanding possibilities.

Fiberglass Tanks

ZCL | Xerxes is a leading innovator in composite tank engineering, with nearly 40 years of direct industry experience. When ZCL Composites Inc. acquired Xerxes Corporation in 2007, it brought together North America’s two leading fiberglass tank brands: ZCL (founded in 1987) and Xerxes (founded in 1979).

Hi-Sharp Products is a distributor for many recognized brands in the Fueling and Oil Transfer industry. We have proudly worked with these manufacturers for many years and have a strong relationship with their offices in North America. If you have any questions about these brands or their products, please contact us.

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